Client Rights

ConfidentialityThree Clients

All discussions with your therapist will be kept in confidence. Your therapist and other staff will not give information about you or your family to anyone unless you give written permission.

Your therapist may share information about you and your family for treatment purposes with agency members who are required to maintain confidentiality.

There are circumstances when your therapist is required to break confidentiality:

•   If you or a member of your family threatens to harm you or anyone else.

•   If a disclosure of physical or sexual abuse or neglect of a child, or a handicapped or elderly person has occurred or is occurring.

•   If we receive a court order or subpoena requiring your record in court, you will be notified. CHL may be obligated to release information in these situations.

•   Insurance companies, the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, or Department of Public Health, require information from your therapist to pay for the services you receive here. They are required to keep this confidential.

Your Rights

As a Community Healthlink client you are entitled to:
•   Receive quality care;
•   Be treated with courtesy, dignity and respect including respect for ethnic and cultural diversity;
•   Be informed about your treatment plan and the ` process by which it is developed, and participate in the development and modification of your treatment plan;
•   Receive periodic review of your treatment plan;
•   Ask and receive information regarding the name and qualification of CHL staff who are working with you;
•   Have privacy during treatment sessions;
•   Have all records kept confidential (to the extent provided for by law);
•   Receive a referral to another agency or practitioner at your request;
•   Be informed of any risks or possible side effects of medication and decide whether to refuse or consent to the prescription of medication by CHL psychiatrists;
•   Obtain or review your records by contacting your therapist in writing thirty days in advance (writing assistance will be provided if needed);
•   Receive services in a place free of architectural barriers and without regard to race, sex, religious affiliation, ethnicity or sexual nature/orientation;
•   Know how your sliding fee was set, and to request a re-evaluation whenever your income or household composition changes; and
•   Make a formal complaint about a condition or incident which violates your rights as a client and to have a complaint responded to in a timely manner.

Making A Complaint

Any client making a complaint has the right to discuss the complaint with the Center Director.

Complaints may also be made directly to the following state agencies:
Central Massachusetts Area Director
Department of Mental Health
305 Belmont Street
Worcester, MA  01604


Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Division of Health Care Quality
10 West Street
Boston, MA  02111

If you need assistants in filing a complaint, and/or want to talk to the Human Rights Officer, please ask a staff person for the current Human Right’s Officer.  

Payment Policy

The adult who requests services for themselves or on behalf of a child is responsible for charges not paid by the insurance plan.

All fees not billed to the insurance company are due and payable at the same time services are provided. If there is an outstanding fee that your insurance does not cover and you refuse to pay, we may hire a collection agency to obtain the unpaid amount.

Questions or concerns about payments may be discussed with your therapist or with a member of the billing department.

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