Clients' Rights and Responsibilities (Section 7)


Client Bill of Rights (7-01-5)

Human Rights Committee (7-02-3)

Client Concerns and Complaints (7-03-4)

Court Appearances by Staff (Not Mandated by Court Order) (7-04-2)

Requests–Potentially Lethal Instruments (7-05-2)

Requests for Clinical Opinion e.g. Child Custody (7-06-2)

Reportable Diseases and Conditions (7-07-1)

Storing Client Possessions (7-08-3)

Consent Relating to Treatment of a Minor Child and Guardian Standby and Emergency Proxy (7-09-2)

Phone Use in Clinics (7-10-2)

Address Confidentiality (7-12-2)

Drugs, Alcohol, Weapons, Tobacco, and Prescription Medication (7-13)

Use of Positive Alternatives to Behavioral Intervention (7-14-1)

Seclusion and Restraint (7-15-1)

Service and Support Animals (7-16)

Translation and Distribution of Vital Documents (7-17)

Translation of Documents Request Form

CHL Complaint Form