Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment


Motivating Youth Recovery (MYR): MYR is a 20-bed acute detoxification and stabilization program (up to 30 days) for adolescents 13-18. The program provides medically monitored detoxification, comprehensive assessment and diagnosis, treatment, and aftercare planning and referral. MYR is a family-centered, strengths-based model that will introduce and engage the adolescent and family members towards recovery. MYR, through its existing connections to community services for adolescents statewide, will develop comprehensive ongoing treatment planning that will provide continued support and treatment for the adolescent and family upon returning to their community. The program is licensed by The Massachusetts’ Department of Public Health, Bureau of Substance Abuse Services. A master level clinical director, nurses, master level clinicians, case managers, and residential counselors staff the program, which also has 24-hour access to consulting physicians and two part-time psychiatrists.


Highland Grace House 
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Youth in Massachusetts use alcohol and drugs at higher rates than teens in most every other state in the nation. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has channeled resources into local communities to address these issues.
Highland Grace House was established in 2005 by Community Healthlink as one of the first programs in Massachusetts to focus exclusively on long-term recovery from addiction for adolescent girls.

Highland Grace House is a 90-day program and is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. It is licensed to accommodate 15 girls and is staffed by a team that includes highly trained staff and experienced clinical staff. The philosophy base is integrated strength-based treatment using collaborative problem-solving and motivational interviewing.



Highland Grace House is staffed by a team of professionals that include:

 A Program Director who is an LMHC
 A Clinical Director who is an LICSW
 An Operations Manager
2 Masters Level Clinicians
A Registered Nurse
Residential Recovery Specialists
On-site staffing is provided 24-hours per day, 7 days a week.


 On-site services include:

Academic instruction
Group therapy
Psycho-educational groups, such as substance abuse prevention, relapse prevention skills, health education, and social skills development

Attendance in group therapy is mandatory and is a major part of the recovery process.






A typical day at
Highland Grace House
The girls in our recovery program maintain a busy schedule. A typical day consists of:
• School work/tutoring
• Therapy groups

Individual and family therapy
• AA/NA meetings
• General house chores
• Exercise/yoga
• Leisure/fun
Participation in local activities including the Worcester Public Library, Worcester Art Museum, YWCA, a local farm and seasonal activities.

           Admission Criteria

1. Girls must be between 13 and 17 years of age.

2. Placement is voluntary

3. Family involvement is mandatory.




A residential program for adolescent girls 13-17 years old working on recovery from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.

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