Adolescent Recovery Services

Recovery Environments and Support

For over 30 years, Community Healthlink’s Recovery Environments and Supports has provided residential services and supports to clients utilizing a strength based approach to provide a comprehensive continuum of services. These services are aimed at supporting clients in their recovery from addiction, persistent mental illness, homelessness, and the numerous associated stressors.

Community Healthlink’s Recovery Environments and Supports has continually focused its attention on the needs of a diverse population by developing and delivering services that are local, professional, and responsive. We believe that local involvement is a key factor in clients success to maintain desired behavior changes in the community.

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North County Supported Housing

The North County Supported Housing Program is operated out of the Lipton Center in Leominster, MA. The program provides both community based and supportive services to homeless disabled individuals and homeless families with a disabled head of household. It is a permanent Supported Housing Program funded through HUD. The Page 8 individuals and families in the program all receive a subsidy through HUD. Staff assists them with learning how to live independently in the community and are available 24/7 via pager.

CBFS Supported Community Living

(Community Based Flexible Supports)

CBFS Supportive Housing
programs are committed to providing person-centered, comprehensive, quality services for individuals with psychiatric disability. Staff utilizes a practical approach that helps clients identify and achieve goals, solve everyday problems, accomplish tasks and assist in socialization and community living. Services are culturally and linguistically relevant and responsive. Staff provide outreach and direct contact with clients to address needs such as access to mental health services, medical care and self-help options; assistance with and learning how to access and use community resources and apply for benefits; links to employment services; development of support and social networks; daily living skills education, money management and payee services; assistance in locating housing and maintaining a stable living situation.

CBFS - ATARP/SHARE: Supported Housing and Recovery Environment (SHARE) is a supported housing program for 11 individuals and one family, and is funded by DMH and HUD. This program provides services to clients who are homeless and are dually diagnosed with mental illness and substance abuse. A commitment by clients to recovery is required.

Since 1994, the Worcester Residential Assistance Program (WRAP) has been providing services to thirty high-risk individuals who reside in their own apartments, some of which are subsidized by HUD. Supported services are funded through DMH and consist of psychological rehabilitation and relapse prevention. Staff is available twenty-four hours a day via pager. Residents are homeless upon admission and have resided in the People in Peril (PIP) Shelter, Oasis House, or other emergency housing. Referrals are made through DMH.

Transitional Housing

Safe Haven
and Oasis House

Safe Haven is a 13-bed transitional housing program operated by Community Healthlink, Inc. and fully funded by HUD. There are 9 beds in a house that is staffed 24 hours a day and 4 beds in community setting apartments with minimal staff supervision. The program utilizes the housing first model and houses chronically homeless adults, dually diagnosed, who generally suffer from untreated mental illness and substance abuse issues. Although the program offers an indefinite length of stay, the program still provides many services that assist clients in obtaining medical, psychological, and financial stability so that they may obtain housing and return into the community to succeed independently. Rehabilitation services are also available on site. All referrals are made through Community Healthlink’s Homeless Outreach and Advocacy project (HOAP).

Oasis House is an 8-bed transitional housing program operated by Community Healthlink, Inc. and funded by HUD. The program houses chronically homeless adults with severe and persistent mental illness, often untreated. The goal of the stay is to engage clients in mental health treatment and encourage them to connect with mental health providers. Residents are expected to contribute 45% of their income as program fees, which cover the cost of clients' rooms, utilities, and food. Residents are expected to be free of substances. Oasis house is staffed 24 /7 to monitor and support clients, who are allowed to reside at Oasis House up to two years. The program provides many services to assist residents in obtaining medical, psychological and financial stability so they may obtain permanent housing and return to the community to succeed independently. All referrals are made through Community Healthlink’s Homeless Outreach and advocacy project (HOAP).


Group Home Services

Community Based Flexible Supports (CBFS)
Main Number: 508-860-1202

Recovery Environments and Supports' goal is to promote the psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery of men and women living with mental illness. Funded by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, CHL's six group home residences are all accessible to public transportation and amenities, and have individual bedrooms for each client.

RES: This group home provides eight beds and three apartments for five additional people in the community to help clients increase their independence while maintaining their supportive relationships with staff. This is a model that CHL has found successful with some of its HUD-funded programs.

RES: This group home has ten individual rooms for DMH clients, and an additional bedroom for a DDS-funded client. The building has one two-bedroom apartment for program graduates who are ready to move away from congregate living, but require continued intensive supportive services. Additionally, this program includes a six-client Intensive Supported Housing program for program graduates.

RES: This group home houses eight clients in a building that is on one level, providing greater accessibility for mobility-impaired clients. In addition, six Intensive Supported Housing graduate clients live nearby in apartments.

RES: This program is a bilingual/bicultural group home with eight DMH clients who speak Spanish, and most of them with only limited English. The program’s menus, holiday celebrations and overall program milieu reflect Latino culture.

RES: This group home is the first CHL property to be located in Auburn. DMH funding for this group home allows for a therapeutic and rehabilitative model that serves a maximum of six clients in an expanded ranch home in a quiet residential neighborhood. The program has 24-hour staffing, which provides assistance to clients to increase their independence while maintaining their supportive relationships with staff.

RES Group Home: This is a six-bed pre-contemplative residential program that provides a safe, therapeutic environment for individuals who struggle with persistent mental illness as well as a substance use disorder. This supportive recovery community promotes a sense of empowerment, personal accountability and the life skills essential for these clients to stabilize and lead drug free, productive lives. The goals of the this program include assisting dually-diagnosed clients attain long term recovery, empowering clients with the skills they need to transition out to more independent living, and increasing clients' quality of life, health, well-being, and commitment to self care. Supportive services available to clients include substance abuse treatment, mental health counseling, group therapy, health education, personal development, self-esteem building, vocational training, life skills training, and comprehensive case management. This program has a closed referral process through DMH.

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