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Since 1977, Community Healthlink has been helping adults, children, and families to recover from the effects of mental illness, substance use, and homelessness.

  • We help preschools and daycare programs how to teach young children with challenging behaviors and minimize disruptions in the classroom.

  • We provide early intervention to infants and toddlers with delays and speech disorders so that they develop and learn to communicate with confidence.

  • We provide families of children with serious emotional disturbances with intensive care coordination and family support.

  • We reunite families who've been torn apart because of a parent's addiction. We've provided medical and therapeutic treatment for teens who seek recovery from their addiction to drugs or alcohol.

  • We link people who have been homeless  to healthcare services. We help them find housing and jobs so they can maintain a more stable life.

  • We provide training to adults with developmental disabilities so that they can live safer and healthier lives in their communities.

  • We help adult children adjust to an elderly parent's fragile health.

  • We help people of all ages who struggle with mental illness to regain their health and dignity.


How can we help you be well?


 For Emergency Mental Health Services in Worcester County call: 1-800-977-5555



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